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Sites like Reddit, Twitch, and Discord have individually attracted hundreds of millions of streamers, creators, and fans alike all by focusing in on specific interests & niches that their respective communities are most passionate about.

The dope idea is to create a badge — a digital marker — that users can take with them to any niche platform and for lack of a better phrase, identify themselves as someone who is open to connecting with new people having that same shared interest.

The most obvious benefit here being that this inherently comes with the mutual understanding that their interests are already uniquely aligned — whether it be following the same streamer playing a specific game on Twitch, being active on the same obscure Subreddit rabbit hole, or camping out on the same Discord server for hours on end….

Once identified via a user’s badge, those in the know simply hop on over to the core site where everyone has been registered to automagically get mutually introduced by the platform — simply by confirming the badge username and what exactly that shared interest, niche, or platform was — after which the two parties are free to start, and carry on a conversation right there on the spot.

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